Generating Dialogue

Along the bottom of the posters and flyers in tiny type appeared the words: "Sick and tired of the same ol' gaijin sex fantasy? Tell me about it! Return the gaze."

In response, geisha_crossing received a number of e-mails at this anonymous address. Selected messages and my replies are linked below:

>So-called "western geisha"

>University art historian

>Journalist from Nichi Bei Times

>Japantown community member

Prompted by this dialogue + photos of the action, the local paper of record chose to cover the story, leaving the Museum with no choice but to respond:
>>Media Access

From : [name withheld]
Sent : Thursday, September 30, 2004 12:04 PM
To : Scott T.
Subject :

Hey Scott!
Don't know if you are still at this email address, good to see ya in J-Town the other day! FYI, Judy told me that Asian Art Museum has been calling around (Japantown) to find out about the "Geisha" posters. Just to give you a heads-up!

Take care you rebel!

-[name withheld]

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